What do Whole Cloves do for you?

Tanzanian Clove’s are world famous with Zanzibar being at the heart of the Clove trade at one time in history. Al-Ameen Whole Cloves are hand picked and sorted by local communities and are part of the clove flower. Often used in Asian countries, Cloves are a staple in teas and more complex dishes. They are used for their distinctive taste, but moreso for their use as a natural painkiller. Cloves have been studied for centuries nad have been observed to prevent liver damage, as well as inhibiting anti-inflammatory properties.

Natural painkiller, anti-inflammatory properties. What's not to love?

How To Use

Our Premium Whole Cloves can be used in a wide variety of ways.

Prevent toothache

Cloves are histortically used to reduce pain in an injured or abcessed tooth and can help treat dental infections. Simply place a whole clove into your mouth, near the source of pain, and keep it there until the pain subsides.

Reduce muscle swelling

One of the most common effects of a long or strenuous exercise can be muscle swelling and muscle fatigue which can hinder your performance. To help this and reduce swelling, simply add our Whole Cloves into


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Naturally-occuring food and plants provide us with a lot of amazing health benefits without the side effects of using modern medicine.

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