Ethically sourced and Organic

All of our Honey is single-sourced and we work with ethical beekeepers.

Home-grown family business

We have remed a family business for just over 10 years, experienced in making wholesome products for generations!

At Al-Ameen Royal we are strong believers in the unrivalled benefits provided by our Certified Organic and Natural products.

We strive to deliver our products as good as nature intended – nothing removed, nothing added. This leads to its fresh, distinctive taste, full of its natural goodness.

Al-Ameen range of exclusive products is fully certified and our

beekeepers and farmers are in full conformity with the conditions and

regulations for the Organic farming sector. Organic Standards and what

the symbols mean below is that our providers are inspected annually, as

well as being subject to random inspections.

From production to harvesting, strict controls are adhered to by our

ethical farmers and beekeepers who work hard towards maintaining sustainable agricultural organic farming procedures. Al-Ameen and our providers also keep detailed records ensuring full traceability.


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