For all wholesale enquiries Please call 07722156497 Or email: info@alameenhoney.co.uk


We can provide you with options for private labelling/jarring and bottling.
It’s not often that we get an insight into future market trends and growth opportunities. Our research and that of leading industry analysis suggests that there will be continued consumer demand growth for Organic & Raw honeys in the coming years, as we have experienced recently.
To help you leverage this growth opportunity for your business, we have created an extensive range of high quality and unique honeys that will allow you to satisfy both the fast growing consumption and choices that consumers are increasingly demanding.
And whilst revenue growth is prized, margin and profit growth is king. The Al Ameen Royal range of honeys are quality, high value honeys, and we can demonstrate to our retailers and distributors that “High Demand + High Value = High Margins and Profits”, and help you grow your bottom line.
Whilst profit growth is always highly attractive, we believe there are a range of Product Benefits that we can also provide to your business, such as;
We provide an exceptional range of product and pack size choices that cater for mainstream Grocery Retailing, the Food Service sector, Specialist and Boutique Food and Health Food Stores and chains, and the Natural Therapy industry
For our Major Retail Chain partners, rest assured that we understand the stringent requirements that are placed on your suppliers, and we have a demonstrated track record of being a high performing vendor.

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