Tanzania is one of the few countries worldwide that has suitable climate for the Ceylon Variety of Cinnamon and in fact grows some of the best quality. The Cinnamon in Tanzania is Forest Grown in a natural fashion. Al-Ameen Cinnamon is grown in the Amani Nature Reserve of Tanzania and is of exceptional quality. Our Cinnamon has a sweet delicate flavor with a soft heat and we are confident you’ll be able to tell the difference.



Not only do we offer a product with amazing health benefits, we offer a brand that shows loyalty to nature and all of the remedies that nature brings. All of us at Al-Ameen Royal are passionate about helping and promoting healthy living through natural remedies and ethical sourcing.


The health benefits surrounding Cinnamon are vast and there is a lot of studies underway to find even more benefits, but some of the known benefits of the spice are:
  • Anti-fungal. The anti-fungal nature within Cinnamon is known to stop and treat fungal infections throughout the body.
  • Lowers blood sugar. The reduction of blood sugar can help with diseases like diabetes.
  • Anti-viral. These properties fight off infections such as cold, flu’s, and other viral diseases.
  • Prebiotic properties. Containing a natural prebiotic, Cinnamon may improve gut health by introducing healthy bacteria.


Prevent colds and flu's

The anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties in Cinnamon are perfect for combatting the early signs of a cold or flu. Mix some cinnamon in your tea, or sprinkle it on top of your food. Doing this will help fight the symptoms of a cold or flu before they even begin!


Cinnamon can be used in a wide range of baked treats and bakes! From cookies to cakes, adding a sprinkle of Cinnamon in a mix or on top of an already-baked treat is the perfect way to add more flavour without sacrificing the texture of your favourite foods.