Our Moringa is grown on an Organic Permaculture Sustainable Farm. We feel that this ethos and belief of ensuring the soil is looked after, makes for a premium Moringa powder. We ensure the Moringa is sourced ethically and still retains its amazing taste. We have the full traceability to the farm level so you are 100% Guaranteed that there are no additives, bulk fillers or nasties in our product. Our Moringa has high Iron content as well as high levels of Vitamin C & E. Just Pure Goodness!



Not only do we offer a product with amazing health benefits, we offer a brand that shows loyalty to nature and all of the remedies that nature brings. All of us at Al-Ameen Royal are passionate about helping and promoting healthy living through natural remedies and ethical sourcing.


Moringa is known to provide many health benefits while being a luxuriously tasting additive to different foods from around the world. Moringa is a natural source of energy which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue. This is possible through its combination of 92 nutrients, with minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium. It also contains 22 Amino Acids! All of the nutrients and amino acids lead to benefits such as blood sugar reduction, inflammation reduction, and the high Iron content helps with iron deficiency. This is a perfect supplement for Vegans and Vegetarians.


Lower your blood sugars

Mix the Moringa with water, juice, or any other beverage and drink once a day. Not only is the Moringa an excellent natural energy source, it is rich with flavour and the ability to lower your blood sugar over time. You can also drink the Moringa just before a workout, to ensure you’re feeling energised before exercise!


Moringa is an excellent spice and gives curry a natural yet beautiful taste. Mix in with the curry sauce during cooking and serve in your preferred way. Not only does this make your curry taste amazing and fresh, it also benefits your body and mind as you eat it.