Al-Ameen Organic Bee Pollen is a Vitamin and Nutrient dense Superfood often used as a natural medicine, amazing for Hayfever and Allergies. Packed with B Vitamins and rich in Anti-Oxidants, Bee Pollen contains a variety of Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, and essential Amino Acids including Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Protein, and Fibre. Not only does it taste good, but the properties it carries makes it a perfect supplement for athletes, cyclists, and gym-goers alike.



Not only do we offer a product with amazing health benefits, we offer a brand that shows loyalty to nature and all of the remedies that nature brings. All of us at Al-Ameen Royal are passionate about helping and promoting healthy living through natural remedies and ethical sourcing. All of our products are not commercially produced, they away from heavily-polluted areas.


Organic Bee Pollen is known as a natural medicine in a lot of different cultures, and here’s why:

  • High vitamin and mineral content. The high quantity of these things makes it a perfect pre-exercise food as well as an easy inclusion into your drinks.
  • Helps with hayfever. Taking Bee Pollen every day contributes towards eliminating hayfever symtpoms by adjusting your body to high pollen.
  • Helps with muscle fatigue. Perfect for use in a post-workout drink due to its anti-inflammatory qualities.
  • High in amino acids and protein. A steady stream of amino acids and protein keeps your body healthier for much longer!


Preventing hayfever

Adding Bee Pollen to your meals or drinks is a perfect way to combat the symptoms and effects of Hayfever on the human body. Add a teaspoon of Bee Pollen to your water or juice and drink every day, as the frequent intake of Bee Pollen builds your bodies tolerance. Goodbye sore eyes!

Reducing muscle fatigue

Muscle fatigue happens to everyone after a strenuous workout. Add some Bee Pollen to your water or drink of choice and the anti-inflammatory properites will reduce muscle swelling and make your body feel more relaxed and less painful. A perfect supplement for your workouts.