227g / 1kg

Most commonly used in the Middle East, our Raw Sidr Honey has been known as a natural medicine for hundreds of years. Not only does it bring the known health benefits of Honey, its unique origin provides unique benefits that you can’t achieve with any other type of Honey, such as antimicrobal abilities and its role as a natural aphrodisiac.


Not only do we offer a product with amazing health benefits, we offer a brand that shows loyalty to nature and all of the remedies that nature brings. All of us at Al-Ameen Royal are passionate about helping and promoting healthy living through natural remedies and ethical sourcing.


Our Raw Sidr Honey has many benefits including:
  • Anti-inflammatory properties. The properties within this honey can help arthritis and other chronic muscle-based illnesses.
  • Natural aphrodisiac. The scent and flavour of this honey is powerful, often used in many cultures as an aphrodisiac.
  •  Raw and luxurious taste. The smooth texture and rich taste makes this the perfect premium honey for use in anything from cooking to baking.
  • High potency. The unique flavour of Sidr Honey makes this product unique and gives it a very potent flavour, perfect for using as a primary flavouring in sweet and savoury food.


Prevent infections and the flu

The antimicrobal and anti-inflammatory benefits of Sidr Honey means this is the perfect natural remedy to take for preventing any form of infection, cold, or flu. Simply take a teaspoon of our honey once a day to keep away any bad symptoms.

Honey flapjacks

The powerful taste of Sidr honey is perfect for making flapjacks! Simply substitute the honey in any flapjack recipe with our Sidr Honey (usually 4tbsp) and really taste the difference!