Tanzanian Clove’s are world famous with Zanzibar being at the heart of the Clove trade at one time in history. Al-Ameen Whole Cloves are hand picked and sorted by local communities and are part of the clove flower.Often used in Asian countries, Cloves are a staple in teas and more complex dishes. They are used for their distinctive taste, but moreso for their use as a natural painkiller. There are many health benefits that Whole Cloves inhibit, which is the reason it is still used as a natural medicine today.



Not only do we offer a product with amazing health benefits, we offer a brand that shows loyalty to nature and all of the remedies that nature brings. All of us at Al-Ameen Royal are passionate about helping and promoting healthy living through natural remedies and ethical sourcing.


There are many health benefits associated with cloves that have been studied over hundreds of years, some of these include:
  • Being a natural painkiller. The eugenol contained within cloves is a known natural anaesthetic, used as a painkiller from over 700 years ago!
  • Anti-inflammatory properties. This can reduce muscular swelling amongst many other things, allowing you to exercise for longer.
  • May prevent liver damage. Studies are looking into the cloves effectiveness at slowing down liver disease and prevention.
  • May have a role in preventing cancer. The eugenol within the cloves has been researched to help fight against cervical cancer.


Ease toothache

There is a wide variety of pain that Cloves can heal, including headaches, toothaches, and even abdominal pain. For toothache, simply put a Whole Clove in your mouth and while you’re using it, your tooth pain will ease.

Prevent muscle fatigue

The anti-inflammatory properties of Whole Cloves are fantastic for reducing muscle fatigue. Make tea and add a clove to it and drink slowly, this will soothe your body and take away all swellings in your muscles, allowing you to look and feel healthier for longer.